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I was born in California and spent the majority of my upbringing in beautiful Grants Pass, OR., where I fell in love with dance, martial arts, sports, music, and cheerleading. Upon graduating from high school in 2005, I moved to Eugene, OR where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2009 at the University of Oregon. I was exposed to my first yoga class while at the UO and instantly noticed the benefits of the practice.

 In 2006 I began working at Dutch Bros Coffee and fell in love with the incredible company. Soon after marrying my husband in 2011, we became the franchise owners for Dutch Bros Eugene. We worked together to run the Dutch Bros Franchise for over 7 years, where we spent our time mentoring, coaching, public speaking and innovating new and improved ways to run the business and improve the DB culture and community.

My love for yoga flourished at Zen Spot Hot Yoga and in 2015 I completed my 200 YTT in vinyasa, hatha, and hot yoga through the Zen Spot Institute. I have interwoven my passion for health and wellness with Dutch Bros and have had speaking & teaching opportunities with the company’s larger scale events: COACHA and the Franchise Summit Meeting.

Since earning my 200hr RYT I have continued my education in Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) and how to Live in Balance With the Environment (both through the Zen Spot Institute) and recently joined Sage Yoga and Wellness 300hr YTT in Boise, ID with an emphasis in Yin, Meditation, Tantra & Restorative Yoga. I have been in a mentorship for 2 years with Elise Ann Moore with MooreFit Energy systems learning how to read into my own energetic system as well as others and how to get our energetic systems flowing. I am currently welcoming clients for private and group yoga sessions, Energy Healing, and PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) through Electrons Plus. We are currently working on creating a yoga studio on our property in Eugene, OR to welcome clients, but all of my work is mobile and can travel to you!


The light within me, acknowledges and sees the bright light within you. Namaste.



I was born and raised in Oregon where I grew up living an active lifestyle.  As a teenager, I started working at my family’s business, Dutch Bros. Coffee.  After attending the University of Washington I moved to Eugene, OR to pursue my career with Dutch Bros. Coffee.  From 2004-2018, I held a Leadership role with the company. From Management, Training, Mentorship, and Public Speaking, I have continued to focus on Personal Development. My wife and I owned the Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise in Eugene, OR from 2012 to 2018. Through this endeavor, we had the opportunity to aid in the growth of our teammates, helping others achieve their own goals in life.  


This focus on Personal Development paired with the opportunities to work in our community created a passion for helping others.  After completing the Tony Robbin’s Mastery University, a series of seminars focused on life-long learning to achieve your most extraordinary life, I felt fueled to share my knowledge. Through learning more about the body-mind connection, the Law of Attraction, different pillars of well being, business management and leadership coaching, I am equipped to help others seeking guidance or healing. I continue to seek growth throughout my life, and look forward to the opportunities each day presents as a way to learn a new lesson.

I am currently participating in the Fit For Service Mastermind program with Aubrey Marcus, which I am focused on improving my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness. My intention is to continually better myself so that I can commit even more to the betterment of the world. I hope to exponentially grow throughout this life experience, enhancing my wisdom so I can share with others. Join me on the journey!


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Brittany speaking at COACHAPALOOZA! 2017 for Dutch Bros. Coffee

Brittany speaking at COACHAPALOOZA! 2017 for Dutch Bros. Coffee


With over 21 years of combined experience, Brittany and Jonah were leaders within Dutch Bros Coffee, and even owned and operated the Dutch Bros coffee franchise in Eugene, OR. They each have a passion for building culture within business and helping individuals to grow to their fullest capacity in wellness and in business.  Jonah and Brittany are available to speak about building culture within one’s business.


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