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Brittany and Jonah know what it’s like to run a successful business and understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Through Jonah’s Mindset Mastery and Brittany’s Sacred Embodiment tools and implementing healthy boundaries. They take a holistic approach to healing and are eager to share their tools with you.

We all deserve to feel our radiance shine!


Brittany Boersma is a 500hr Trauma Informed Registered Yoga Instructor, Sacred Embodiment Guide, PEMF practitioner, energy worker, breathwork facilitator, DoTerra Wellness Advocate, ceremonialist, retreat leader, public speaker and co-founder of BZen Wellness. She has learned through these practices to thrive in even the most difficult times. “The issues are in the tissues” her teachers say. Our emotional health manifests in the physical body and raising awareness around this has transformed her life. Through daily practices and elevated choices, Brittany believes we can each heal ourselves and lead a holistic, connected, abundant and grounded lifestyle. We have the power to transmute and alchemize our most challenging life experiences. Brittany helps individuals connect deeper to their bodies and understand the subtle signs shown to them to increase their intuitive abilities and connection to the divine.

An Oregon native, she grew up in Southern Oregon and moved to Eugene where she earned her degree in psychology in 2009 at the UO and also experienced her first yoga class. Brittany worked in research at the Developmental Sociobiology Lab for 2 years and then stepped into owning and operating a Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise in Eugene, OR with her husband, Jonah. For 7 years she co-owned and operated the franchise. During this time she also became a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher through the Zen Spot Institute. She gained a valuable perspective during her tenure at DB about the importance of radical self care in leadership and brought her yoga teaching skills and psychology background into the business. She believes that as business owners and entrepreneurs, it is vital to take care of ourselves so that we can better support our team and encourage them to do the same. Since her time at DB, she has continued her education and evolution at the Sage Yoga School in Boise, Shamangelic Breathwork Healing Tools and Modalities in Sedona, and many other beneficial mentorships and programs to increase her offerings.

Brittany is here to help guide individuals deeper into their intuition, self-care, self-love, and moving trauma through and out of the body. She believes healing is possible for everyone.


Jonah was born and raised in Oregon where he grew up living an active lifestyle. As a teenager, he started working at his family’s business, Dutch Bros. Coffee. After attending the University of Washington, he moved to Eugene, OR to pursue a career with Dutch Bros. Coffee. From 2004-2018, he held a Leadership role with the company. From Management and Master Trainer positions, to mentorship and public speaking, he has continued to focus on Personal Development. Jonah and his wife owned the Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise in Eugene, OR from 2012 to 2018. Through this endeavor, they had the opportunity to aid in the growth of their teammates, helping others achieve their own goals in life.

This focus on Personal Development paired with the opportunities to work in their community created a passion for helping others. After completing the Tony Robbin’s Mastery University, a series of seminars focused on life-long learning to achieve your most extraordinary life, Jonah felt fueled to share his knowledge. Through learning more about the body-mind connection, the Law of Attraction, different pillars of well being, business management and leadership coaching, he became equipped to help others seeking guidance or healing.

In early 2020, Jonah completed the Life & Weight Loss Coaching Certification from The Life Coach School. The biggest lesson he learned since coaching professionally is that the most important thing to creating the results you want in your life, is managing your mind. After all, your brain is the most powerful tool in the world. The concepts he learned and applied from his training has given him many tools to help others achieve the life of their dreams. Jonah believes that when people are willing and ready to put in the work on themselves, they are capable of fulfilling their greatest potential; he became a coach to help them on that journey.

Jonah continues to seek growth throughout his life, and looks forward to the circumstances each day presents as a way to learn a new lesson. He believes the opportunities to work with others on their own journey in life is an honor, and does not take it lightly. His wish is to continue to ascend with clients and peers, working to heal individual selves for the healing of the collective.

I hope to exponentially grow throughout this life experience, enhancing my wisdom so I can share with others.

Join me on the journey!

“B Zen goes above and beyond your average wellness business, it embodies the heart and passion of the healers and coaches who have built it and shines in the extraordinary experiences they offer.

– Kate M.


Our studio sanctuary is nestled in the countryside of Eugene, Oregon.

Here, we offer events, classes, and intimate workshops. Retreat to our healing room, relax in our sauna, or learn from our leadership and yoga workshops.

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