Amber is our beloved sister-in-law who is co-hosting the Belize retreat with us!

We are so excited to share another retreat experience with beautiful souls. It is always such a wonderful way to connect with others, learn, and grow. This time, we are bringing along our Sister-in-law, Amber Boersma to cohost the retreat with us.

Amber was introduced to yoga in her early 20’s. During that time She was a new wife and mother. She learned that she needed to take time for herself to reset her mind, process and heal from past emotional wounds and engage in some form of sustainable physical activity.

Yoga helped her body through 3 healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and the changes afterward. Amber’s body, soul and mind needed all of the benefits of yoga and it created a healthy habit and desire to learn more.

Life’s schedules changed and she could no longer attend classes at the local gym or studio. She started following instructors online.

Practicing at home is great but she didn’t have an instructor to tell if she was holding postures in the correct alignment or engaging the correct muscles. She didn’t want to get into bad form habits that could lead to potential injury. So she decided to look into teacher training and found a great fit. She went 3 full days a month for 6 months in Bend, OR. It was a lot of work and she couldn’t have done it without her husband Brant’s help staying with the responsibilities at home. She finished her 200 yoga teacher training from Heart and Mind Yoga June 2018.

Amber still enjoys practicing yoga at home and now has the ability to share by leading classes.

Being an example of love, enjoying creation and living in the present moment are her passions. She is dedicated to being a lifelong student of yoga and cares about promoting good sustainable lifestyle habits for her children, friends and family. Amber loves to be out in her yard with her flowers and garden when she’s not out on travel adventures with her family or friends.

“Yoga has helped me prioritize my life” -Amber Boersma

We asked Amber a few questions so you can get to know her a little better.

1. Tell us about your first experience with yoga.

I remember going to my first yoga class as a 10 year old child. It was one of the activities at a family reunion in Big Sur, California. I loved it and it is the first time I can remember using breath and movement together.

2. What’s your favorite thing about yoga retreats?

My favorite thing about yoga retreats is to enjoy the time to fill my cup. Reconnecting with who I’m created to be. I love setting aside time from my busyness and routine to connect deeper with others and share experiences we will look back and cherish.

3. How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has changed my life in that it has helped me be confident in who I am and live in patience with myself and others. It is a tool to help me manage stress and process emotions. It is a sacred practice I choose to revive my soul, spirit and energy.

Yoga has helped prioritize my life. I don’t feel pressure during yoga. I love that it keeps my mind focused and engaged. My thoughts stay in line with my movement and breath.

4. Have you ever implemented your yoga practice to help you during a difficult or challenging time of your life?

Yoga has helped me accept my body’s physical limitations. I have had muscle injuries but through healing I found ways to modify and still gain benefits in practicing. I have also learned proper posture and breath practices that I implement in my life every day. I want to be at my best to be used for my purposes in the world. Yoga helps me be my best self!

5. What does radical self-care mean to you?

Radical self-care in my opinion means to consistently use tools to live a sustainable healthy life mentally, physically and emotionally. Being a student of yourself and advocate for your own health. Preventing breakdown or burnout. Sleep, good nutrition in diet for your mental health and physical movement are all vital to self-care.

6. Tell us about your love for Central America.

I love Central America! The people, food, the sun, the landscapes, the arts and music, there is so much to enjoy. I’m grateful for any time I get to spend in this part of the world.

7. Why Belize with the Boersma’s?

I’m excited for Belize- it has a magic all of its own and I can’t wait to learn and experience the culture. Belize with the Boersma’s is going to be an extraordinary event because of the passion we have to invite our guests to experience the need for undistracted connection with themselves for themselves.

8. Why get “off-grid”?

Being off grid/ away from cell reception is going to help all of our energies to be directed solely on the present moment and not the need to be productive or distracted.

9. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Having kids has numbed me from getting embarrassed too often! Funny and weird things are happening or being said regularly.

One time, I almost peed in my brothers Nalgene bottle on a bus full of people in Costa Rica– that was a close one! Language barriers can always be hilarious! Making up words to songs is one of my trademarks. Walking in boys’ bathrooms happens frequently. I think it’s important to have the ability to laugh in these moments and not take yourself too seriously.

10. What/Who inspires you the most?

My grandmothers on both sides are my inspiration. They are both very passionate about being healthy and aging well. They live their lives motivated by love.

“Radical self-care in my opinion means to consistently use tools to live a sustainable healthy life mentally, physically and emotionally.” -Amber Boersma


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