Our upcoming retreat in Belize is going to be a unique experience to say the least. We will be on a private island right on the Belizean barrier reef—an abundant marine eco system with some of the best snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking in the world. Although many of us love luxury vacation experiences with all the amenities, we have been craving something different—an opportunity to connect deeply with nature, culture and our own souls without the distractions of the modern world. How often do we have the opportunity to be off-grid? Not often.

I grew up in a remote location in Southern Oregon. We lived on 20 acres before everyone had cell phones, social media and immediate access to the outside world. We relied on a touch-tone telephone and had to write down phone numbers with pen and paper and actually call our friends, not text or FaceTime them. I spent all of my time outside climbing trees, gardening with my grandmother and using my imagination. My soul needs more of this. Our souls need more of this. There is something so sacred about taking time away from our everyday, demanding lives to truly tune in to our own being without all the noise. Plus, the stars are so bright without all the light pollution! Who else loves to stargaze?!

Whether you are joining us on this unique experience or are curious what to pack for an experience like this, we have a packing list to share:

Packing list for an off-grid beach yoga retreat:

Yoga mat

Any additional yoga props you may want/need

1 pair light running shoes or hiking shoes

1 pair watersport sandals (Tevas/Keens, etc)

1-2 pair lightweight quick-dry long pants


2-3 pairs of socks

2 pair quick-dry nylon shorts and/or loose skirt/sarong

2 bathing suits

3 t-shirts

2 long sleeve shirts (preferably with collar for sun & bug protection)

Yoga clothes to practice in (sports bras, shorts, tanks, long sleeve & long pants for the evenings) Plan to repeat outfits!

1 fleece jacket

1 good quality rain jacket

1 wide brimmed sun hat (for sun protection)

Sunglasses with band (croakies)

1 bandana (for sun protection)

1 headlamp with spare batteries

1 small dry bag for camera, wallet, phone, snacks, etc.

Small day backpack

Journal to record reflections

Capilene or other synthetic long underwear (great for snorkeling for sun protection and additional warmth)

1 liter water bottle

1-2 beach/bath towels (these are not provided on the island)

Biodegradable toiletries, personal medication & prescriptions.

Small personal first aid kit (bandaids, asprin, ibuprofen, scissors, tweezers, safety pins)

Reef safe & biodegradable sunscreen. Please, please bring environmental products!

Vaseline, aloe vera, or skin care cream

Caladryl/after bite/Benadryl cream or lotion to ease itching from bug bites

Insect repellent (20-100% deet)

2-3 garbage bags for additional gear protection

Something small to contribute to our sacred altar space (a photo of a passed loved one, small special item that means something to you, a crystal, etc)

No need to pack a blow dryer, curling iron, or excess makeup—this is a time to decompress and come as you are! We are embracing the island life!

Optional items:


Camera equipment (we will have a photographer & videographer on site)


Fishing rod & tackle

1 pair of light cotton gloves/bike gloves (for protection from the sun/blisters when paddling)

Foot powder

Anti-Nausea medication if susceptible to motion sickness

Please reach out with any questions—we can’t wait to share this special space with you!

Be well, friends. Thank you for reading!


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