After 6 months in a program with a group of powerhouse women lead by Liz Dennery with SheBrand I, with the help of these women (and Jonah of course), created the BZen Wellness Brand Handbook and manifesto. Liz and the ladies offered creative ideas and assistance on creating our message— what it is that we offer here at BZen with concise and clear verbiage and the WHY behind the what we do.

At BZen Wellness, we help compassionate leaders learn radical self care through: PEMF Therapy, Yoga, Energy Work, Retreats and Coaching.

Here I present you with our BZen Wellness brand manifesto:

Deep inhale.

Long exhale.

Sigh it out.

Breathe it in. Breathe it out. Guess what? The ZEN has always been there. It’s only a breath away. It’s FREE.

Just look around. Open your eye. 👁

Untangle your soul from the containment of the rules we have been confined by.

Break the rules. REBEL.

FEEL the release. Prana flowing. We’re all electric ⚡️

Do you know what’s really RADICAL?

Choosing to love and take care of ourselves.

Take a retreat! What a treat!

Nurturing our inner child so we can love, lead and change the world.

It takes forgiveness and an open heart to heal.

Back to the womb we go. Rebirthing, shedding, and peeling away the layers.

We are the heroes, the coaches, the leaders and the gurus of our own souls.

It’s inside of you. It’s inside of me. We are powerful, you and I.

Lifted. Elevated. Yet grounded.

Tethered and connected.

There is no yin without yang.

The light is within the darkness.

Go through to get in.

There’s no shortcut or fast-pass to growth. Put in work! Then plant it in the dirt.

Caring for the greater good of our planet and leaving something brighter for the future.

We are better together.

The friends of the friendless.

We were never alone, not for a second.

Capable of transformation

Working towards it everyday.

Open mind, open heart. Trusting in the greater plan.

Because there is something bigger out there than luck. Something greater at PLAY.

We are being carried by the universe.

Allow for the flow.

DANCE in the glory!

Every single life challenge and obstacle is a lesson, and on the other side is opportunity. Growth.

Gratitude works. Write it down & repeat.

You’re MAGIC. We’re all magic.

More tools for the tool belt! Jai! Aho!

YOU are the hero you’ve been waiting for. ♥️

Be well, friends. Thank you for reading! Do you have a personal or brand manifesto? We’d love to hear it!


Your wellness team


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