We are home from Sedona and I am still integrating my experience from part 1 of the Shamangelic Healing Tools and Breathwork Facilitator training. Last week, Jonah touched on boundaries and this was a major topic throughout the weeklong training with Anahata Ananda. Facilitating energetic healing sessions is not to be taken lightly. In fact, it requires a deep level of integrity, boundary, personal sovereignty, rest, time, and doing our own personal healing work.

The first time I experienced an energy work healing session was with a local woman named Elise Ann Moore. I was in the beginning of my yoga teaching career in 2015 and was having lots of celestial activity at night that was affecting my sleep. Not the kind that you see in horror movies; I would have someone standing over my bed or would see a figure in the corner of the room. Perhaps a soul who saw my light and needed guidance. I didn’t have the tools to help at the time and I probably scared the heck out of them when I screamed at them, “WHAT DO YOU WANT!” Jonah was slightly concerned, too. Elise came to my yoga class and mentioned something to me that really hit home and I knew I needed to talk with her more. After enjoying some tea together, we booked a session.

Elise taught me tools that have been invaluable in my life. She has helped me work through past trauma, learn to ground into my own body and energetic system (it’s amazing how many of us walk around ungrounded), develop boundaries, prime my intuition, sleep, health habits, rebalance my energy system, etc. After some time working together, she invited me to mentor with her to learn the work that she does. In 2017 I started my journey of learning energy work, tapping into my own psychic abilities. (We all have deep intuition, so don’t deny that you have these abilities, too. We just need to learn how to tap into them.).

After learning and working with people for about 2 years, I knew this work would be a part of my business. Anahata came into my life right at the perfect time. We were visiting Sedona right after Burning Man last year in 2019 (a very ungrounding experience for me, personally), and I needed some help coming back home to my body. After one session, I left with tools and lessons that I’ve been working with for 9 months. One of which was self-abandonment and not losing sight of myself in any situation whether with substances or people pleasing. It’s been a long journey of life lessons that one session helped me uncover. POWERFUL.

When I saw that Anahata was offering a 2-week intensive in this work I felt deeply called to sign up, and now I know why. We have one more week of training coming up in August where we will be diving into leading breathwork (also a powerful healing modality), and I’ve already received so much from week one. My medicine bag of healing tools is now a huge suitcase of tools to utilize to help myself and others on their journey of coming home to their truest essence. This week was a lot of deep work with 6 other souls who also feel called to the healing tools. I am coming home feeling lighter, grounded, clearer, and ready to serve my medicine. Sedona is truly a magical place and the best classroom I could ever ask for. So much gratitude to Anahata, my fellow trainee cohorts, Jonah, Fit For Service Fellowship, Carrie Brumfield, Caryn Gillen, Sedona, and myself for answering the call. Also, deep bows to the teachers and healers who came before us, native to this land and others. The tools they have passed down are of great value and importance.

And so it is!

Remember, you are your greatest healer. I am simply here for you to remember.

If you’re in the Eugene area and feel called to book a session, reply here. I can’t wait to work together


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