What will YOU find when you go on a B Zen retreat?

Last year I hosted a retreat in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua.

Why Nicaragua?

My friend Tanya Lexin lives there! We visited her 7 years prior and fell in love with the beautiful country. She has been operating their spa and fitness center for years, and it was a divine opportunity to host a retreat with her there.

We hosted a group of 12 incredible individuals. I would say that my favorite part from the retreat is seeing some of the relationships that were developed after the retreat was over. It strengthened the bond between people who already knew one another, and it created lasting friendships for people who had never met before. In addition, people left revitalized, changed, relaxed and ready to take on life back home! It brings me great joy to help people step out of their comfort zone and into the unknown.

Check out the photos below!

So much progress can be made when we let go of expectation. 

My personal experiences on retreat have been invaluable. It is a moment in time where I am able to reflect and take in nature. To reevaluate my life back home. Retreating is like a GPS, I assess my coordinates and decide where I’m going next. It is far too difficult for me to step outside of my everyday life without physically doing so. So, taking a retreat annually is exactly what I have found to help with my personal growth. In addition, I have also made lifelong friends on retreat. Just this year we went on a retreat with 33 other strangers, and we all left as friends. I have never felt more seen and heard by a group of strangers. When the main mission is to cultivate self-love, we can’t help but share that with others.

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So, have any questions? Do you have an amazing retreat experience you want to share with anyone who might be on the fence about a retreat? Share them below!

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