My first experience with yoga was Kundalini yoga while I was earning my Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Oregon. From there, I explored meditation and Hatha yoga. A few years after graduating from UO I discovered a local studio (thanks to a dear friend Angela Villa) and fell in love with hot vinyasa at Zen Spot Hot Yoga. Yoga is the first activity that has truly helped my body and mind. I have always had a passion for movement. Through dance, Taekwondo, and cheerleading, I endured physical and mental challenges. Yoga has unraveled some of the damage I did to my body and has opened my heart and mind to a truly divine path. Deep bows to my teachers Satyavani and Michael for encouraging me to do their teacher training through the Zen Spot Institute. I love you and owe so much to you for this beautiful path you have showed me.