Jonah and Brittany in the Bahamas on the Friendship Festival Cruise!.

Hey friends! We’re back again this week to talk about THRIVING at music festivals!

We’ve experienced nearly every type of festival. From camping on the rocks at Reggae on The River in 2007, Dave Mathews at the Gorge, Paradiso Festival, staying in a house for Coachella, the FRIENDSHIP cruise, tent camping at numerous festivals to finally getting to enjoy using our travel trailer at What the Festival. I’d like to think we are festival pros at this point. Here are some festival “hacks” from us to you, as festival season is coming quicker than you think!

Brittany and Amber at Life is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas.
  1. Earplugs. If you really like to get up close, you absolutely need hearing protection. The speakers are meant to amplify long distances, so please protect your ears!
  2. Food. Pack your favorite granola/protein bars, prep your meals, and don’t expect to eat everything provided at the festival. Save some cash, stay healthy and pack some of your own food! A few musts for us at camping festivals: personal watermelons in the cooler, pre-made breakfast burritos individually wrapped in foil (you can heat them up on a camp stove), avocados, cooked & prepped ingredients for Buddha/Yumm bowls, veggie sticks & hummus, ingredients for wraps, ingredients for quesadillas.
  3. Hydration. We bring big gallon jugs of water. At least one gallon for each day of the fest. Keep coconut water cold in the cooler & herbal tea to make hot tea at the end of the night.
  4. Wear comfortable closed-toed shoes. I love me some rage boots!
  5. Boost your immune system before you go. Hydrate, rest & up your vitamin C.
  6. Pack your supplements. We always bring vitamin c, echinacea, young living essential oils, Puriums BIOMEMEDIC & DHA.
  7. Pack a hydro flask/party cup.
  8. Say NO to plastic. Pack a real cup, mug, plate, & set of silverware. Pack a gallon or 2 of water to wash your dishes.
  9. SHOWER. Festivals have showers for a small fee ($10 max) and a shower goes a long way! Take care of your hygiene. Brush your teeth and wear deodorant. Be courteous to your fellow festie besties.
  10. Pack a yoga mat and stretch every day. Or join in on a yoga class that the fest offers!
  11. Enjoy the music, but also enjoy everything in-between along with meeting new friends! I keep a notes section in my phone to collect contacts so I can add them later on.
  12. Take photos & videos, but be sure to put your phone away and enjoy the moment!
  13. SLEEP! Getting 8 hours everyday at a festival isn’t always practical, but, sleeping for a period of time each day/night is important.
  14. Wear sunscreen & chapstick. Don’t ruin your trip with a sunburn or cracked lips!
  15. Alcohol is a TRAP. Trust me. I’ve learned my lesson. Whatever you do, do not over-consume it so that you aren’t hungover the next day or miss your favorite set. You want to remember your favorite artists!
  16. Keep a paper schedule on you at all times. Many if the best sets happen at the same time at different stages. Sometimes you will have to leave a set early to make it to another. OR if you’re loving a particular artist, stay and enjoy! Also, don’t be afraid to pop into other stages— many times  we discover artists when we least expect it!
  17. Many people lose their phones at festivals. Keep your shit together, but sometimes things get lost. Set an “if found, please call….” on your lock screen with someone in your groups phone number or your campsite/room number/location so someone can find you. Karma works in your favor and we have returned many phones to people!
  18. Have a designated meeting area with your friends. There are tons of people & distractions at shows, so set a place to meet if you get lost.
  19. Dust protection. In windy areas, dust can fly into your face, eyes, nose & mouth. A simple scarf & sunglasses can be used over the face to filter out dirt from getting into your system. Ever heard of Coughella? You don’t want it…
  20. Use a canopy for shade. If you’re camping, shade is absolutely necessary! Be sure to pack stakes/sandbags so it doesn’t fly away & land on your neighbors!
  21. Make friends with your camp neighbors!
  22. Lock up your stuff. We’ve heard many horror stories of people getting things stolen from camp. Lock your things up or keep the important things on your person.
  23. Pack it in and pack it out. Don’t throw your trash everywhere and clean up after yourself. We aren’t children anymore and therefore don’t leave it to the staff to clean up after us. Respect the venue. 
  24. Be aware. Similar to going to a nightclub, there are chances you could get roofied/drugged, unfortunately. Do not buy anything from anyone and be aware of your surroundings & cocktails. Keep your eye out for someone who may need your help, and watch out for each other.
  25. Take breaks, sit down, and rest your body throughout the day/night.
  26. Prepare for all weather. Pack warm clothes & shoes for the nighttime and cool clothes for the day. Freezing your buns off during Rezz at Redrocks in 20 degree weather is no fun! Pack your faux fur & pants, kiddies! You can still look cute when you’re dressed warm 🙃

Shows & festivals can be the best time when you are prepared and do it right. Plan ahead and take good care of yourself! I always come home feeling more inspired, oddly rested, and ready to take on the world. Inspiration and silly people are everywhere. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing grown adults embrace their playful nature and come together for the music. Reach out to us with any other tips/questions!

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