Featuring a true gem and fellow wellness expert— Jackie Marie Jamison! Jackie is such a bright light in this world sharing love, gratitude and positivity on a daily basis. She’s the real deal! Our paths crossed spontaneously 10 years ago (It’s a long story of her boyfriend, now husband, missing his flight to visit her in LA, running into us at the EUG airport, and deciding to join us in Vegas where she would come join us in the fun). However, we all know that things don’t happen just accidentally. It’s actually the anniversary of us meeting this week, coincidentally! When we met Jackie in Las Vegas it was love at first sight. She moved to Oregon shortly after our introduction, came to our wedding and joined a women’s group I’m a part of- The Sexy Ladies Wine Club. We gather, enjoy tasting different wines eating delicious food and connecting with other like-minded, powerful women.

Needless to say, we all adore Jackie and know you will, too! Read on to learn more from this amazing woman.

1.You’re a wellness advocate. Tell us more about your work!

I am all about holistic wellness which to me means looking at a person’s health beyond nutrition and physical fitness. Human beings are dynamic and there isn’t a one size fits all way to deliver health for the mind, body, and spirit. I work with clients to better understand what wellness means for them, specifically. We go through a process of learning to listen to the body and respond accordingly. I also mentor and lead a team of amazing humans and teach them to do the same work. Human beings are so powerful! Each of us has the capability to drastically impact and change not only the life of an individual person but through each person, a ripple of influence begins. I believe each of us has the power to change the world through each of our daily interactions.

2. Why do you believe in health and wellness?

Growing up health and wellness were afterthoughts. I am the second oldest of five children and although we always had plenty of food on the table, my parents are the products of southern cookin’ and soul food. My dad is from Louisiana and my mom is from Alabama. Health and wellness were not on the agenda when they were growing up, and therefore not on the agenda for our household. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties when I went through an elimination diet and discovered an allergic reaction that I even made the connection that foods affect how we look and feel. So, why do I believe in health and wellness? Because once I discovered we have the power to influence and change our health, I was hooked. I have been educating, teaching, and sharing ever since.

3. As far as products, what are your must have’s every day?

OMG, I used to be one of those people who silently judged other people for using health products and supplements. I self righteously made claims that what came from the foods and drinks I consumed were enough…and then I joined the corporate world and was so exhausted most weeks I ate whatever was easy, convenient, and in front of me. Let me just say for the record, I am not sure there were any nutritional benefits to 50% of what I ate at that time. I was not in the mindset to think about much of anything except reaching the weekends. When I started my business, became more educated, and conscious I ate a huge slice of humble pie. Today, my must-have everyday supplement combo is something I call my “green gut glow shot” – it has a serving of fruits/veggies, a pre/probiotic, and an energy fizz supplement. All three products are vegan certified from Arbonne. Hand to the heavens, I feel focused, sharp as a whistle each morning, and ready to take on the world! It might be TMI but my bowel movements aka “flow” to my clients, is also super regular and I never have a late afternoon energy crash, ever. This combo is bomb.com.

4. How have you brought wellness into your home?

My husband thought I was a little cray when I first switched my tune to health and wellness. Mostly because I had done so many fad programs and short-lived wellness routines in the past. Once he realized this was the real deal, deep-rooted, life-changing type of shift, he was on board. I learned to stop telling him what he should do to be healthy and started showing, sharing, and leading by example. I can happily say that today we no longer have a separate his and hers shopping list 😊 I was also able to positively enhance my mom’s health! She discovered an allergy to dairy through one of my 30-day reset programs and says it changed her life. Mind you, she’s been alive for 50+ years so that testament gets me teary-eyed every time. Plus she’s my mom so that’s a double dose of emotions! Bringing wellness into the homes of families all over the globe fuels my passion fire! This is what I am meant to do.

5. Who are some mentors who have helped guide your wellness journey?

I am blessed to be a part of an organization and team that believes in long term health and wellness rather than a quick fix. The company philosophy and the leaders who live it every day are my mentors. I watch them and see that they are living and breathing what they preach. There is no way I could mention any particular person by name because I have so many mentors. If I am going to name drop, I will give a shout out to my parents, Brenda and Hiram. Their mentorship in life has influenced my wellness journey. They consistently spoke life and love into our hopes and dreams and that has helped me become the bright light I am today. This speaks to the mind and spirit of holistic health which has guided me in my journey to bodily healing.

6. Tell us about your garden! How did you discover the community garden and how can people learn more?

I live in a historic building that was built as a school in 1924 and converted to condos in 2006. The next-door community garden has been there that long…at least that’s what Millie, a local neighbor, tells me. She is in her 90s and lives across the street. Millie had her plot for as long as it’s been around and her kids even went to the school where we now reside. These little daily interactions and stories are just a few of the treasures my community garden has afforded me since scoring a spot. Ever since I became more aware that what we put in and on our body matters, I started to better appreciate the quality of my foods and products. I started my wellness business about three years ago and that is also the time I added my name to the community garden waitlist…it took three years to get a plot! I think the universe knew we would need the solace of a new hobby and outdoor activity because we got the notice to claim our spot in April 2020 and COVID hit mid-March. I am soooo grateful! Besides learning to appreciate the art of gardening, including bugs, which I’m slowly learning to endure, the garden has truly enhanced our sense of community and neighborly love. On some of the toughest days these last few months, my husband and I have found peace weeding, watering, and tending our garden. If you are in the Eugene/Springfield area you can learn more by visiting www.eugene-or.gov/communitygardens for garden plot availability and more details.

7. You are such a brightly optimistic person. What does optimism mean to you, and why is it important?

I get my kind heart and optimism from my mom. She would literally give you the shirt off her back and shoes off her feet. Both of my parents consistently told us we could do anything we set our mind to and I took that to heart as a kid. It’s ingrained in me now. I never believed I couldn’t do something so I just always believed I could. This is a huge reason I pay this particular belief forward. I am blessed beyond measure to have been told daily that “I could.” Others are not as fortunate and so I choose to be a light for those people! It is never too late to start believing in yourself…it’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort. In my husband’s wedding vows to me he said, “…you live in a fairytale. Your world is perfect and you never let anyone or anything ever get you down.” Isn’t that sweet?! While it’s true, optimism to me is not like the phrase “good vibes only.” We need both the good and “areas of opportunity,” aka bad, to appreciate all parts. Optimism is about seeing the potential good in everything. I 100% know in my gut that I have manifested goodness into my life because I believe it is available to me and I actively seek it. Optimism isn’t the absence of sadness or sorrow, it’s knowing that the “sun will come out tomorrow.” Little orphan Annie was wise beyond her years. Staying optimistic is vital because, without it, it’s hard to get momentum in anything. Optimism is hope.

8. So many of us have healed something in ourselves. Tell us about a time you experienced an ailment and chose the path of healing.

I don’t know if this counts, but I would say I chose to heal my mindset around transformation and change. I am guilty of using the line, “Well, this is just how I am.” Prior to diving into deep personal development, I had a very fixed mindset. I believed I was inherently one way and that is just how it was going to be for life. The problem I found is this type of mindset keeps you stuck and powerless. Starting my business was the best thing I ever did for myself, primarily because I had to own up to and take responsibility for some limiting beliefs I had been holding on to for a long time.

9. Do you have a specific routine you follow morning and evening?

Every morning I capture at least three things I am grateful for – something small like my morning detox tea, something big like my wonderful husband, and something more abstract like my deep appreciation for life. I love categorizing things I am grateful for like this because it teaches me to look at gratitude from many different angles. I use a Panda Planner to capture these thoughts. The planner sets me up to think about what I’m most excited for each day and has an end of day review of what went well and how I will improve the next day. No matter where I travel, these are things I reflect on each day and evening.

10. What does radical self-care mean to you?

My meaning of radical self-care may get me in trouble…because to me, it’s putting yourself first no matter what..and I do mean no matter what. It is not an over-exaggeration to state that a person cannot take care of others if they themselves are drained. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone took care of themselves as well as those they love most. As I said, someone may come after me for this one, and that’s ok.

11. What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is about utilizing the strengths of the team to accomplish a shared goal or vision. I often find leaders attempting to be everything to everybody. I think that is a mistake. It can cause burn out and resentment. The best leaders I know empower others and focus on the strengths of the team.

12. How can we support your business?

Allowing me to share a little more about me is support! I appreciate the beautiful souls that you are and all the work you are doing to contribute and be love and light! I believe at least one thing I have shared here will not only resonate with someone but add value to their lives and contribute to their journey to be their healthiest and happiest self.

13. Any additional comments/advice for our readers?

The sooner you learn to be your most authentic self, the better. The world needs YOU. Wherever you are in your journey, the world needs you to show up and share. If it had not been for others showing up and sharing their journeys I would not be the person I am today. It was the reminder I needed to know I am not alone and the strength I needed to know what is possible. This is your reminder that you are a bright light to someone in the world. Keep learning, keep growing, keep showing up as your best self and give yourself grace for those days that aren’t what you hoped they’d be. Keep moving forward no matter what! Perfection is not a sustainable objective, so don’t let setbacks or doubt take you out. Life is all about progression and never giving up on your goals and dreams.


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