It’s been a beautiful visit to Sedona while I witness and receive Breathwork from my beloved husband Jonah and our friend & teacher Anahata Ananda at the Shine Sanctuary for The Soul. Jonah is receiving the same Healing Tools and Breathwork Facilitator training that I did back in 2020. However, back then, my training was held in Anahatas beautiful home. It’s incredible to be in her new space that she’s cultivated with so much love and specific intention– her dreams coming to life. It’s an honor to witness the transformation.

Through the training process, I also loved getting to chat on the phone with Jonah at the end of each day after receiving her teachings. I was being reminded and walked through the process all over again. Yes, this is a facilitator training, and yes, it’s an opportunity to process big emotions and self limiting beliefs as one continues to learn to be a guide through the process. My mentor once said, “As you help others heal, you heal yourself.” The process is ongoing… I’ve loved hearing about Jonah’s personal revelations as he deepens into this work, and as we deepen into our union as we are both on a path of personal evolution.

I am so proud of this man and all of the work he’s done to step into his highest self and serve humanity. He’s been a big catalyst for my personal growth from the moment we started dating 17 years ago and he’s continued on his path of personal evolution through all of those years. I can personally say it hasn’t been an easy road. We’ve gone through so much together and I’ve witnessed him step up, dust himself off, and choose his health, wellbeing, and mindset with energy and vigor. He inspires me to be better and choose better everyday.

Read on to learn more about Jonah’s experience! & if you are ever in the Sedona area be sure to check out Shine Sedona Sanctuary for the Soul they have many offerings to support you on your healing journey!

Our Q&A with Jones!

  • What was calling you to this training?

After receiving a Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony in 2019, I learned quickly how powerful a tool the breath is. I had a release of anger and resentment that I had been holding onto for some time, and came out of that experience feeling lighter – as if a weight had been lifted off my body. That transformation was totally unexpected.

When Brittany went through the Shamangelic Healing Modalities and Breathwork Facilitation training a few years ago, I got to see the impact it had on her immediately. That sparked my interest. Sitting in and experiencing the ceremonies that Brit was facilitating gave me an insight into the skills she learned and developed thanks to Anahata Ananda, amongst other teachers. This past January, Brittany facilitated a breathwork ceremony that I was not a part of. Multiple times throughout that day, I kept having a thought pop into my head: “You should train with Anahata. You should learn to facilitate.” I decided to listen.


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