Earth Day is the perfect day to celebrate our planet. Although everyday should be a reason to honor this place we call home, why not make a special party out of it?

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the US celebrating Earth Day! Although our planet should be celebrated and cherished everyday, Earth Day is the perfect excuse to get more people involved in caring for the place we get to call home. Below is a list I have accumulated for ways in which you can spend your Earth Day. Please let us know if there are more things we can add to this list! Party on!

Get your hands in the dirt and connect directly with the earth for the ultimate grounding experience!

Some simple ideas on how you can celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Do a beach cleanup. Join me while I host a cleanup the morning of 4/22/19 on the Oregon Coast! Not in my area? Host your own party!
  2. Plant a tree. Redwoods, aspens and oaks produce the most oxygen. See what trees are best to plant in your area.
  3. Limit your shower time to 1-3 minutes. Water is a luxury and there are many places on earth that don’t have access to clean water.
  4. Plant a fruit/vegetable garden and enjoy the fruits of your own labor! Or, volunteer in a community garden!
  5. Commit to using a reusable water bottle and coffee cup!
  6. Say “no” to take-out and enjoy preparing your own meal or, if you eat out bring your own to-go container.
  7. Host a pot-luck with friends!
  8. Use earth friendly cleaning products (we love Thieves).
  9. Unplug electronics, turn off your TV and phone. Partake in activities that don’t require electronics.
  10. Get outside and put your bare feet in the ground. Here are some benefits to grounding.
  11. Take a hike and observe all of the beautiful plants, trees and birds along the way.
  12. Invest in a compost bin and start composting at home! Here is an excellent resource for apartment composting, contributed by a fellow gardener. Thanks for sharing, Bella!
  13. Leave the car at home and carpool, take the bus, rollerblade or ride your bike!
  14. Clean out your closet and donate to a local charity.
  15. Go vegetarian/vegan for the day.

I hope this inspires you to be extra mindful on Earth Day and all days! Do you have any other ideas on ways we can celebrate Earth Day? How are you celebrating? Please share. Your comments and feedback are appreciated!

Be well,


Brit practicing yoga in beautiful Boulder, UT on the East Forest retreat.


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