“Let silence take you to the core of life.” - Rumi

Hello friends! 

February is the month of LOVE, and we want to kick it off by sharing all about SELF LOVE. We are currently at the B Zen Wellness Winter Wonderland Retreat loving on our participants, and the past couple weeks we’ve been pouring into our own self care practices. I have made a huge point to ground down at home, feed my body well, rest, exercise and all of the below.  Guess what? We can’t take care of others if we can’t take care of ourselves. I’ve been honoring all of my needs to prepare for this retreat because it’s too dang easy NOT to.  Here are my top 10 self love and care practices that I have been enjoying

Spontaneous trip to the Oregon Coast with our pups, Newman & Delilah.
  1. Take a hot bath.

    Dim the lights, turn on some relaxation binaural beats on Spotify, add 2 full cups of Epsom salts (yes, 2!) with about 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oils (I love cedarwood, lavender and copaiba). Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Enjoy yourself and give thanks for your beautiful body. “Thank you, body. I love you, body.”

  2. Treat yourself to a massage. 

    There’s no better way that I can invest my money, honestly. The spa is my happy place and a place where I find great joy and deep relaxation. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy expensive spa. I bet you know someone who is a massage therapist, and they could even come directly to your home. They say, “The issues are in the tissues.” We store so much in our body, emotionally, so it is really important to get everything flowing and circulating! Just do it.

  3. Practice yoga! 

    Have you ever tried a restorative, yin, or yoga nidra class? They’re luxurious. I also have a heart-centered yoga practice that will come directly to your inbox if you subscribe to our mailing list!

  4. Write down a full page of all of the things you love about yourself. 

    I know this sounds cheesy, but do it and see what that feels like in your body afterwards. It’s perfectly okay to brag about yourself and love yourself, because who is going to do it if you don’t?

  5. Get outside! 

    I know, I know. It’s cold AF outside, but do yourself a favor and get some fresh air. Layer up and sit on your patio, take your dog on a walk, go on a hike, or drive to the coast (if it’s close to you). If the ground isn’t covered in snow, go outside and put your feet in the ground barefoot. Connect to the earth. Look at the trees. Take 3 deep breaths.

  6. Meditate.

    This one can be really difficult if you’re a busy body like me, but even after 12 minutes, I feel like a new woman! Just like our bodies, our minds need to rest. Sit down, set a 12 minute timer, cross your legs, lengthen your spine, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Then simply tune into your senses: observe what you are hearing, observe what you are feeling, tune into what you are smelling.  What do you taste? What do you see behind your closed eyelids? Can you keep your torso erect, yet sink a little deeper into yourself? Practice. It will get easier and you may enjoy it.

  7. Prepare a healthy, mindful meal for yourself. 

    While you are preparing it, can you feel grateful for the food? Can you find joy in the act of the preparation? Smell the food, take some small tastes as you go and turn on some soft house music. When you sit down to eat, give thanks, and chew your food thoroughly. Really take the time to taste your food and take your time to fully assimilate the meal.

  8. Spend time with your pet, or find a friend who has a furry loved one. 

    I love snuggling my pups, and they bring me so much JOY! Quality time with animals can bring you into the present moment, and make you feel special.  If my dogs Newman and Delilah love me this much, I must be amazing.

  9. Do something spontaneous! 

    Last week my husband and I took our dogs to the coast completely unplanned. It was the best day I’ve had in a while. Sometimes going off path of our mundane schedules is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

  10. Dress up, put on a little makeup, throw on fancy shoes, and go on a date with someone you love. 

    Maybe your spouse, partner, or some girlfriends! If you’re a guy, get yourself dressed up too, and make sure you smell good. 😉 Dressing up makes me feel sexy and good about myself, and putting in a little extra effort into my appearance does a lot for my self-confidence. You deserve to do the things that make you feel beautiful, so treat yourself to a night on the town with some people you love!  Have fun!

I hope this February brings you some ease. Ask yourself a few questions.

“What can I embrace about myself?”

“What can I be even more open to?” 

“How can I allow myself to relax even more?” 

You deserve to love and be loved. Remember to be open to receiving love as well as giving love this month, because people love you and the universe wants to take care of you.




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