On March 3rd, 2024 we took a quick trip to Sedona, AZ to visit Shine Sanctuary to celebrate the recent cohort of Shamangelic Healing Tools and Breathwork Facilitator training and receive a breathwork ceremony from our very dear sister, Madelaina DiPasquale! We are very proud and excited for this next chapter for Maddie. It’s a high honor to witness someone grow, transform and evolve.

As for the breathwork ceremony, it was very powerful. I personally experienced a strong physical clearing. With the breast reconstruction came scars in my body and during the ceremony, my hands and my breath worked on my scars. The breath opened up physical space in my body that was so needed. Towards the end of the ceremony I shed tears feeling so proud of Maddie and the bravery it required to get through this intensive training.

Jonah had a completely different experience. He was able to zoom out and witness his life and many ways he’s played small. With his intention in this ceremony, he was shown ways to inspire more devotion in his life. A major takeaway for him was to implement a daily practice of focusing on his priorities and ways he can show up more devoted to his life.

These ceremonies are a very powerful tool to help clear what is no longer serves our daily lives. The experience is multifaceted with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realizations and release.

We are so grateful to grow the facilitation with BZen Wellness!

Our Q&A with Maddie!


  • What was calling you to this training?

Back in 2021 I was working my first ever BZen Retreat. Brittany and Jonah presented me with the opportunity to participate in the breathwork ceremony that they were holding for the retreat participants and it BLEW my mind! I had never experienced such an efficient way to gain insight into my mind, body, and soul. During that first ceremony I experienced major mindset shifts, connected with my true essence, and had impactful revelations (certain things came up that to this day I hold near and dear to my heart). I was hooked! Especially because all of this transformation was able to occur via my own breath!

From that moment on I felt curious and inspired to learn more, experience more, and dig deeper. Now, in the year 2024 I am in complete awe and have so much appreciation that I am witnessing one of my manifestations come to life, AND in ways even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

By participating in the 14-Day Shamangelic Healing Modalities & Breathwork Facilitator Training with Anahata Ananda (the same training Brittany and Jonah graduated from!) I honored my past self – the Maddie in 2021 who knew the moment she took her first deep belly breath that she wanted to become trained as a breathwork facilitator and bring this medicine and these tools to others, to learn how to hold space, and help make this type of healing and transformation attainable just as Brittany and Jonah had done for her.


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