One of my deepest passions is to share and connect with the work of others. I adore connecting people in my life who I know will benefit from each other’s presence and it feels so good to me to enrich the lives of others through personal connections I’ve made in this lifetime.

I had the absolute pleasure to be introduced to this very special woman by Helen Giovana. Camille Schectman (@coolarthouse) and I sparked our relationship with a Zoom call and have since spent time together as she has created art for our home and joined in our sanctuary event, Self Love Sunday ACTIVATION. We could talk for hours, really. Being in Camille’s presence is a wonderful feeling of being seen, heard and deeply connected.

It is a great honor to share the work of this wonderful mother, wife, friend and artist.

Our Q&A with Camille Schectman (de Camille)

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!?

Like most artists, I have been an artist my whole life. My mom used to take me to art museums when I was younger and was always introducing art to me. We loved choosing our favorite pieces and discussing them. She dabbled at art in our backyard where she would collect leaves and spray paint around their shapes onto canvas. My parents didn’t let me watch much TV, so I grew up a classic daydreamer with a very strong imagination. I went to the Lycee Francais at age six and then on to study art and fashion at the Paris American Academy and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where I had my first solo art show in Montmartre. I grew up in LA until I was 10, when we moved to the Caribbean for two years followed by England. There is a sense of the collector and traveler in my work having lived abroad for five years. From the Caribbean Islands of Montserrat and Grenada, to Paris, and Bath, UK. The artist spark really ignited within me during my art class in England. I was an outsider there as the American, and found great refuge in the arts. I remember the quiet passion and curiosity my art teacher had for our projects…it pulled me in.

I would paint in my room to escape my parents’ fighting. Years later, after I had my own children, I realized I was continuing the cycle of impatience and anger with them, and was reminded of my inner child. I returned to my art once again, as a way to heal. Painting helps me fill my own cup, it nourishes me, and as a result aids in breaking these generational trauma patterns. My mission is therefore to remind you to feed and fuel your love for yourself. When our own cup is full, you can fully embrace the moment while trusting that you are on our path and deserve the life you want to attract.


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