March 30th, 2023 I had my eggs retrieved for embryo creation to save for a later date of implantation and pregnancy. We spent 3 months preparing our bodies for the journey through eliminating toxins, weekly acupuncture, cleansing, setting intentions, visualizing and honoring the fertility process. Jonah and I endured this same process back in November of 2021 together and it was a much different experience

So many people have been highly curious about the process and even more people I know directly are choosing it right now. I’ll be straight up, it isn’t easy. AT ALL. It’s expensive and requires a lot of time, intelligence, dedication, and commitment. In our experience it was about 2 weeks of self administered injections with appointments at the fertility clinic every 2-3 days for bloodwork and ultrasounds. Not to mention navigating online patient portals and receiving instructions via the internet. And that just touches the surface. This process required all of our energy and focus.

Jonah and I had the privilege of clearing our schedules (for the most part) and creating spaciousness for that time. The only option during the fertility process is to create space and to be flexible. This is the ultimate lesson of the feminine to allow, surrender, and go with the flow. Listening to our bodies is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves. I took a lot of midday couch rests with the pups (my emotional supporters), took short walks outside, listened to audiobooks on our drives, and received a lot of cuddles, hugs, and care from Jonah. With all of the extra hormones, it seemed like I needed a lot of extra tending and care. Our friends even had us over for dinner a couple times during the process (bless them!)

In 2021, I didn’t have the option of spaciousness before the egg retrieval process, and 2 days after the procedure we hopped on a plane and went to Mexico with friends (with wheelchair service at the airport). The process felt rushed so that I could get my eggs retrieved before starting the breast cancer treatment plan and I didn’t want to cancel our Mexico trip (yes…I am a bit stubborn haha). I am glad this second round I was able to do things differently, with more awareness and softness for my precious body. Post egg retrieval,  it can be uncomfortable to even walk (hence, the wheelchair service at the airport.) Waddling is the main move for a few days after so, learn from me and don’t plan to travel for at least a week after.


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