Keep the destination in mind, to help overcome your resistance to the work.

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Resistance has been a theme recently, and I know it shows up in everybody’s lives at some point. I like to think of resistance as a learned defense mechanism, designed to protect and defend us from danger. I do not think resistance is part of our genetic programing, passed to us from our parents. Resistance shows up for us because we have learned it, indulged in it, and allowed it to prevent ourselves from reaching our goals.

The challenge for each of us to face when we bring that awareness to how resistance shows up in our lives, is to treat ourselves with grace. Resistance feeds off of our negativity, and our brains are fantastic at offering resistance a bountiful lunch. When I recognize the resistance settling in for a cozy afternoon with me, I have to be very careful with my thoughts towards it. Otherwise, I will make myself feel like crap. You feel me?

My phone is the quickest distraction for me.

Resistance shows up in my life in the following ways:

Distraction. I have something I need to get done. I planned this task at this time. The time is now, but, Instagram. Let me just check on my friends’ stories. I could go for a snack. Squirrel! You get the idea; I allow myself to focus on things other than the task at hand because it’s too easy to do so.

Procrastination. I know I planned to be writing this blog post right now, but I don’t feel like it. It doesn’t sound as good as meeting up with my buddies for happy hour. I can do it tomorrow between my appointment and yoga class.

Imposter-sydrome. Look, I know that I have a lot of ideas – you could even call it widsom – but who am I to share that with the world? I don’t have the credentials to really help people; no degree, no certifications, no pieces of paper to back me up. Why even try?! Nobody is going to get anything out of this. (This form of resistance is the biggest asshole in my life, and is completely false.)

Can anyone else relate to these? Raise your hand, I know you’re out there. We are not alone in this. Resistance does not target you or I solely, it shows up for everybody! I’d like to share some of my ideas of how to overcome that voice in your head that holds you back from working towards your dreams.

  • Notice when it creeps in. This really is the first step to the process of moving beyond resistance. You have to have the awareness to recognize when it is happening, and how it shows up for you. It’s okay to allow it to happen, but if you’re completely unaware of your resistance, you’ll never overcome it.
  • Positive affirmations. Say something nice to yourself to encourage you to work towards your accomplishments. “I am a badass” or “I accomplish anything I set my mind to” are ones that make me feel empowered. My current favorite is “I can do difficult things.” One piece of advice I’ve got for you is to say an affirmation to yourself that you believe, and really feel into it. Attaching emotion to your thoughts gives you momentum.
  • Make a plan and stick to it. It is so important to give yourself a time-frame to accomplish your tasks. Making plans doesn’t always come easy to me; I love being spontaneous, and I am very good at distracting myself. However, when I schedule plans in my calendar and stick to them, I find myself getting more done and creating more free time for myself in the long run. This takes discipline, but creates freedom.
  • Focus on your why. If you don’t have a purpose behind your tasks, goals, or dreams, they won’t have much meaning for you. Without knowing how important your end goal is, it will be difficult to get motivated to push past resistance. Why is it important? What will your life be like when you see your dreams come to fruition? Understand why you’re doing this.

These few suggestions have been quite beneficial for me to push through resistance in my life. Trust me, I feel it nearly everyday. But when I take my own advice, I can get to that place of doing. Ultimately, the easiest way to defeat resistance to whatever task you desire to accomplish is to just do it. Get started with step one. This is always the hardest part, but when you finish your first step you have a little bit of momentum on your side. Once you’ve put on your gym clothes and shoes, it is that much easier to hop in your car and drive to the gym.

What are some ways resistance shows up in your life? Do you have any other ideas of how to overcome resistance? I would love to hear all about it. Drop a comment and share your wisdom!

In the meantime, stay amazing

Getting started is the first step towards accomplishing your goals.


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