Jonah giving Brittany a PEMF therapy treatment.

Hey friends! We’re back again this week to talk about one of our favorite life-hacks: PEMF THERAPY!

We were introduced to PEMF Therapy by Heidi Swan and Kiki Cordero. We used to work with Heidi, and she reached out asking if we had heard of the modality. She sent along this video  and we were instantly sold as we are big fans of Tony Robbins.

Jonah has completed Tony’s Mastery University and I have attended UPW and Date With Destiny (deep thanks to Dutch Bros Coffee).   Tony has his own PEMF device, his “electric taco.” I have always been fascinated with anything health related, and this seemed like the perfect life-hacking device.

A PEMF machine. The practitioner’s hand is placed on top to allow the electrons to pass through the practitioner to the person receiving treatment.

The two ladies came to our office and gave us and a few teammates a free demo. After the demo, I looked around the room and could feel how calm and relaxed everyone was, myself included. I had recently sprained my left ankle on a trip to Las Vegas, it involved platform boots and too much fun.  Kiki spent a bit of time on the injured area. I noticed the following week that my ankle was nearly pain-free with more mobility. Shortly after our demo, Jonah and I made the decision to invest in an Electrons Plus machine and get trained by the one and only Kiki Cordero. That was 6 months ago.

Since then, we have had the honor to work with many individuals with many different needs. One example is our friend Keith Gabel—a Paralympic medalist. I spent quite some time working on his back and areas he was experiencing soreness and tightness from a long list of injuries. The following week he lifted 20 pounds heavier and went mountain biking without back pain! This was after a short 40 minute treatment.

I am in awe with how powerful this modality is.  It’s ability to get our cells boosted and working at their peak capacity in such a short amount of time is really incredible.  I absolutely love receiving treatment and therefore am passionate about giving it.

Thinking about booking a session with us? Have you already tried it and want to share your experience with a first-timer? Share them below! And if you have any questions about the process or booking an appointment, just send us a quick message here and we’ll get back to you asap!

Hop over to our PEMF therapy page to read more about the benefits of this treatment.

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