Months ago during quarantine, I shared a vision with my friend and cohort in DoTerra essential oils and fellow ceremonialist, Freedom Ciavarello to host a conscious, intimate women’s gathering on my property with a farm-to-table luncheon at our neighbors—Long Table Farm. We both knew that people would really need something like this at the time.

So, we set forth a plan, around the new moon and named it, Remembering Our Essence: a new moon gathering for the divine feminine complete with a cacao ceremony, meditation, yoga, sound healing with Jordin Winn, intention setting and a farm to table luncheon at Long Table Farm. This was a completely unadvertised gathering complete with snail-mail invitations to boot. The only people who received invitations were those who we knew personally, who were in the area and/or who have experienced a BZenWellness retreat before.

We had no idea that the pandemic would still be in full effect, but trusted that we could provide a safe, healthy and conscious experience outdoors. Each time Freedom and I met for event planning, it was via zoom, at an auspicious time of day, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. We began each session with an incantation and anointed ourselves with the same essential oil to work in the same vibration. Let’s just say that we had a lot of fun planning and it was extremely intentional.

The RSVP’s started to come in, and we were getting excited. Did I mention that Freedom and I had never met in person before? Through our in-depth COVID quarantine conversations, I had full trust that she would show up with the medicine. And she DID.

Freedom leading a cacao ceremony. Photo by Melody Olivas.

Curious about CACAO? I had my daily dose today and let me tell you, it is divine magic!

From Freedom:

Cacao is medicine for the heart. It is healing for the cellular composition of humanness. A gift from Gaia. When crafted into a ceremonial experience she becomes the blood of the earth entering the body to remind one of the reverence of being made and embodying the maker. The vessels are renewed and the sinews flood with inspiration as a rain comes to the desert(ed) parts of the body. This flood reins within and a thirst quenched from deep in the wildness of the insides of desire opens. Waking. Up.


What is Cacao?

Cacao is a seed that is harvested out of a pod that grows on the Cacao Tree. The seeds are removed from the pods and then allowed to ferment in the sun. After the fermentation, they are pressed into a paste. This paste is chopped and prepared for ceremony using only water is very important to prepare Cacao with pure, clean water as cacao is an energetic amplifier.

Cacao is a sacred plant ally.

How shall I prepare for the ceremony?

Come as you are, ready to receive wisdom from mother earth and connect to your internal knowing. It is recommended that Cacao is consumed on an empty stomach or, that one doesn’t eat for at least 3 hours prior to ceremony.

Where does Cacao come from?

Cacao becomes around the equator and is an ancient wisdom keeping and healing tool.

Is Cacao safe?

Cacao is a stimulant and can create a lifted heart rate, it is not recommended in ceremonial dose for those with high blood pressure.

If you would like to acquire ceremonial-grade cacao (not all cacao is created equal), Freedom has your back. Peep her website shop here.

With all of the COVID mask requirements, I made sure that each guest received a personal phone call from me leading up to the event. I assured that the individual was healthy with no symptoms, and also asked questions about their comfort level with the gathering. Although we were outside, I wanted to assure that everyone felt safe, seen and that the utmost attention was paid to their health and boundaries around the current state of the world.

As the day approached, the excitement grew. Freedom and I couldn’t wait to hold space for the group. The month leading up to the gathering, we worked hard to get our property up to par for this sacred gathering. Extra landscaping, tending to the garden, extra house cleaning and organizing, coaching, and additional planning with miss Lacey LaCosse to execute our vision. Many errands were ran, gifts purchased, and groceries gathered.

48 hours leading up to the ceremony it was game-on. Lacey was at my house for hours the day before and hours prior to the event starting. Bless her! Jonah was a HUGE help and even left for the day with the dogs to keep the group to only women. We provided the majority of the props for the gathering including yoga mats, bolsters, Mexican blankets, eye pillows, etc. Let’s just say, that the group was well cared for.

The gathering began at 10am, and therefore Freedom, her cohort BJ, Lacey and Jordin arrived at 8am. BIG hugs and a cosmic connection! Such a gift! Freedom and BJ traveled from Portland, so it was a big day for them. Freedom and BJ created the most beautiful flower arrangements for the altar and a massive flower mandala in the center of our circle while Lacey tied fresh garden herbs to our specially-curated essential oil blends.

As the guests arrived, they found a space at the circle and introductions were made. We followed with a cacao ceremony, garden exploration, yoga, sound healing, a delicious farm to table lunch at Long Table Farm and concluded with a sacred closing circle.

It was intimate, beautiful, and so special.

Remembering Our Essence…

Special thanks to the women who showed up for themselves that day, my beloved Jonah Boersma, my cohost Freedom Ciavarello, our epic amazing assistant- Lacey LaCosse, sound healer- Jordan Winn, Long Table Farm for our delicious farm to table lunch, Knot & Fern for the beautiful outdoor flower arrangements, Wilde Botanicals for our additional flowers, my coach Caryn Gillen, Melody Olivas for the incredible photo and video, our beautiful land for holding us in ceremony, all of our teachers who have instilled this knowledge and wisdom within us and our divine guidance who has been by our side all along.

I love you.

If you would like an invitation to a future sacred moon gathering, please send me a message to get on our guestlist.

Here’s what one guest had to say after the gathering:

B Zen goes above and beyond your average wellness business, it embodies the heart and passion of the healers and coaches who have built it and shines in the extraordinary experiences they offer. Whether one seeks a guided yoga journey from home, or support through professional life coaching, Brittany and Jonah bring their gifts and knowledge to an accessible and compassionate platform to support others in feeling and living their most balanced life. Wherever you are in the journey, B Zen Wellness can help make it truly soul-inspiring. -Kate Melnychuk

The beautiful mandala BJ and Freedom created for Remembering Our Essence. Photo by Melody Olivas.


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