Lots of kisses everyday are an ingredient to the magic sauce of love. Photo by Anne Blodgett Photography

With February being the month of love and romance, the most important part of celebrating your romantic partnership (or if you are seeking one) is to let your partner know how much you care. Not just during the holidays, but everyday. I love to take the opportunity on February 14th to write a special letter to Jonah. I’m a sucker for all things romance, and he knows it, so he plays along to the best of his ability.

Here are some ways you can surely show your partner you care (not just on Valentines Day):

We are really passionate about scent. We both love to wear & smell natural fragrances & essential oils. Photo by Anne Blodgett Photography

1. Ask them what they want, and tell them what YOU want. I love to receive fresh flowers and a handwritten card, so I’ve told Jonah this. I’ve even shared the types of flowers that I love and don’t prefer. He knows all my specifics and knows how to deliver! If we don’t speak our needs & wants out loud and directly, they’ll never know.

2. Prepare a meal for your partner or ask to prepare it together. Some of my favorite time in the kitchen is with Jonah, listening to music and making dinner together. Sitting at the dinner table is important to me, so we enjoy our meal present in each others company. Take some time to look into each other’s eyes and show your appreciation prior to eating.

3. Spend some time writing them a letter. Not simply signing a card from Hallmark. Write them a love letter that they’ll cherish forever. Include a few things you’ve noticed lately they’re excelling in, what you love so much about them, and some feelings behind it all.

4. Make time during the day for present, authentic connection. Mealtime is great for this, morning snuggles, coffee together, planning your day, etc. We all need and desire connection, so make it a priority with your partner.

5. Satisfy your own needs. Don’t rely on your partner to fulfill your needs. When your needs are already met, then it removes expectations from your relationship. Many people do not communicate their needs healthily, and when this is the case their partners probably don’t do a great job of satisfying them. When you’ve already met your own needs, you and your partner can come together and just enjoy one another. However, there are some days when one of us could use some help, and each of us will step up. Whether that’s taking care of each other when we are sick, going through challenging experiences, when you are having your cycle, etc. Having a partner to help pick up the pieces when you need it is beautiful.

Jonah and I aren’t perfect. In fact, we’re a rare couple who came together at the young ages of 18 and 20 in 2005 and are still enjoying each other’s company. We’ve had our own fair share of difficulties, yet continue to work to stay connected & passionate. Each of these things listed we practice, and they tend to really help us along our journey… along with PLAY. We play a lot and enjoy life together a lot.

We hope these tips are helpful!

I’m curious if there’s anything here you’d like to add?

We love you,

Brit & Jonah

Snuggles in bed are our favorite! Photo by Anne Blodgett Photography


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