• Jonah’s Perspective

Life has been full of awe inspiring moments lately. From amazing cosmic occurrences like the eclipse to intimate family connections on a beautiful vacation together, Brittany and I have experienced incredible moments this year. With the amount of hardship that people are enduring right now, I have an immense amount of gratitude for some of the magnificent moments we have gotten in 2024 so far.

We had an epic time at the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID – and the experiences there contribute to some of the magnificent 2024 moments I am referring to. Enjoying the beauty that Boise offers in it’s downtown scene, dancing to fun music with friends, meeting fabulous characters, and participating in/receiving the gifts of others have all added up to an incredible Treefort. However, the most awe inspiring part about the festival for me was facilitating a Sacred Breathwork Ceremony with my beloved, and our dearest Madelaina as part of the Yogafort lineup!

The amount of people who came to receive in that ceremony was well beyond our expectations, so we were elated that Maddie made the trek to Boise to hold space and facilitate with us. Although this ceremony was not as long as our standard, it felt just as impactful. There was a full spectrum of emotions released in the short time we had with the participants, and I was thrilled to be a guide on each individual’s journey. I witnessed giggles, tears, screams, and a peaceful bliss. I saw seasoned yogis, other breathwork facilitators, first timers to breathwork, grandparents and teenagers, so many beautiful humans came together in a container to do their own personal work and move forward wherever their journey may have taken them.

I walked out of that ceremony activated, quite hungry, but mostly in awe. I have so much gratitude to our sweet friend Marisa Radha Wepner, and the rest of the crew and volunteers who made the Yogafort branch of Treefort come to life. To have the opportunity to bring our work to Boise in this way felt very special, and I am in awe of the experience. It is a great privilege to be trusted by others, especially those who are strangers to us, to hold space for them in this way. We do not take our responsibility in this work lightly, and to share it at Yogafort was a great honor. I hope we can come back to Treefort in the future.


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