bzen visuals

A sacred sound ceremony for you to connect with and visualize your higher self.

This is your daily dose of forgiveness, compassion, self acceptance, sacred embodiment, intuition and somatic experiencing. Receive this transmission of love, friendship, memories and sound— true balm for the soul.

The purpose of this meditation visualization album is to offer a place for your heart to rest, to open and to receive. So often we go about our busy days without taking the time to fill our own cup. This album is a gift to you, for your spirit. May you feel lighter, clearer, centered, connected and grounded after listening to this sensorial experience full of boundless love. Your time with yourself matters and stillness is the greatest gift you can give to your future self. Let’s drop in.

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Track List & Upcoming Release Dates

bzen visuals volume 1: forgiveness


This meditation is a practice for self compassion and self forgiveness. We incorporate a traditional Hawaiian forgiveness ritual— the Ho’oponopono prayer. Listen in for your own dose of grace and empathy. Featuring Himalayan & crystal sound bowls and chimes.

bzen visuals volume 1: nature


This visualization will transport you into deep nature and peace. Inspired by East Forest & Ram Dass’ track “Nature”, we incorporate nature soundscapes and the transmission of the spiritual teachings of Ram Dass. This is sure to soothe any feelings of anxiety and leave you feeling inspired and grounded for your day. For this track you’ll hear the crystal harp, crystal sound bowls, rattles, an ocean drum, chimes, and nature field recordings collected by Jared Masters.

bzen visuals volume 1: breathe


Breathe with me to release any stuck emotions and hyper oxygenate the body & brain. Here we use multiple styles of breath & sounds to energize you and clear out any old emotional debris. Listen, breathe, and let go! Utilizing the drum, shruti box, crystal harp, rattle, and crystal sound bowl.

bzen visuals volume 1: intuition


A meditation visualization for your third eye to increase your awareness, intuition, and creativity. We incorporate affirmations to help inspire deep insight and uplift your spirit. This is a great practice to use anytime, but especially when you need an extra dose of personal wisdom. Instruments used are the sound bowls (crystal & Himalayan), chimes, vocal toning & the handpan.

bzen visuals volume 1: sacred embodiment

Sacred Embodiment

A practice for the body and grounding your energy. The more we practice body awareness, the easier our healing journey becomes. Grounding is a pivotal piece to allowing the body to heal itself. Listen to connect deeper to your sacred body. Here we utilize the crystal harp, drum, chimes, and guitar.

The full album release (5 Meditations and an Introduction Track) is October 16th, 2023. Listen to the album below!

BZen Visuals Introduction

BZen Visuals Behind the Scenes

Dear hearts,

I’m sitting here in Hana, Maui listening to the waves, the birds, the wind… the spectacular views here have brought me to tears numerous times. I’ll never forget the first time I came to Maui. I was 19 and my boyfriend Jonah brought me with him for a work gathering. The moment we checked into the hotel, I put on my bathing suit and ran to the ocean. It was the first time I ever experienced such beautiful, clear, warm ocean water. HOME.

My soul remembered this place. Arriving, it was like a light switch turned on inside me. Like smelling a plumeria flower for the first time but also a scent that’s familiar. Thank you to my beloved for bringing me here all those years ago. We’ve had the honor and privilege to come here countless times since (at least 17 visits at this point), and each visit we do something new. Mostly, we love to do nothing and be in flow with each day. This island is powerful and she’s gifted me so much. I am deeply grateful.

We came here for my 36th birthday, January 2023 with some dear friends. Our friend Jared Masters joined us for a few days. It was during those days that  we scheduled time for me to record sound meditations at my brother-in-law Brant’s sound recording studio— Scoopflow Studios. Jared and I dreamed together this vision, and it was while I was on a special beach sitting near a honu (Hawaiian sea turtle) where I then downloaded what the themes of these meditation visualizations would be. Jared also captured live field recordings of special Haiku coqui frogs, waterfalls, wind, etc. We recorded these meditations the following month in my hometown of Grants Pass, OR.

Not long ago my body underwent two major surgeries and two egg retrievals. During this time the only thing I could do was meditate, rest and heal. I listened to some of my favorite teachers with headphones on while I merely layed down and rested. Practicing stillness has been a skill I’ve developed over the years. Thank goodness I started many years ago so that I could endure what I’ve been through most recently.

This is a transmission of love. These meditations are a gift from my heart (and everyone’s heart’s involved in this project) to yours. It’s never too late to practice being still with your own mind, body & heart.

If you’re going through it in life, if you’re needing respite from a fast paced schedule, if the only thing you can do right now is lay down and receive, this is for you. If you find yourself squirming at the thought of being still and keep yourself so busy each day until it’s time for bed, this is for you. These meditation visualizations are for your mother and father, friends who need a moment of rest and anyone who desperately needs stillness. I am so grateful to share.

Thank you to my beloved teachers, healers, friends, family and my husband who all helped me arrive to where I am today. I’m honored to be here. This life, this land, our hardships and lessons are all gifts for us. May we continue to learn and grow together on this path of our personal evolution.

Please enjoy this transmission and breathe into your heart with me…

I love you,

Track 1: Forgiveness

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Track 2: Nature

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Track 3: Breathe

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Track 4: Intuition

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Track 5: Sacred Embodiment

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