Wonderland Retreat Testimonial Intro

Our Winter Wonderland Retreat in February 2019 was phenomenal! It was Steamboat Springs annual winter carnival and the town was buzzing with excitement. We were nestled away at Bella Vista Estate with yoga by the fireside, soaking in our indoor grotto, and lovely meals in our dining room. Snow shoeing, massages, PEMF therapy & energy sessions were offerings during the day along with skiing & snowboarding at the mountain and an adventure to Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Our opening and closing circles were beautiful—the participants came as strangers and left as friends. Click through the testimonials to hear what people had to say!

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Cheri Breyman

“At first, I was worried that my yoga practice wouldn’t be where the other participants practices were, but I soon realized that this was not the case—the yoga was well done and for everyone! I am currently focused on staying present, loving myself and healing. 

I had a great time and we had great hosts. Everyone was really nice and respecting of what we were all trying to take out of the experience. This retreat was inspirational, and everyone needs more of that in life!”

-Cheri Breyman

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Renne Brown

“I was slightly intimidated to be in a group of new people, but that didn’t stop me from joining. I was excited for the whole experience from the beginning. My yoga practice is much more consistent today and I even feel comfortable flowing on my own now and ending with a meditation (a huge takeaway from the retreat). Innately I knew that meditation would benefit me, but it wasn’t until the retreat that I actually got to FEEL the benefits. The total immersion was just what I needed to start a new habit!

An old passion for helping people in their wellness journey has been reignited within me. I’m excited to learn more. The experience was amazing!”

-Renne Brown

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Kristen Von Tersch

“Prior to committing to the retreat, I was hesitant to make that kind of investment and was nervous to get out of my comfort zone and meet so many new people. As yoga isn’t something I currently practice regularly, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I am in such a better place after the retreat! I have continued to learn to allow people in and to talk and express my emotions in even more healthy ways. Since the retreat I am really interested in energy work and the chakras! My practices now consist of more meditation, reading, praying and listening to podcasts. 

The yoga sessions were my favorite part overall. I loved the essential oil offerings, and I really valued the 1:1 energy session. I haven’t experienced a trip quite like this before. I loved that it was a blend of yoga, personal and intimate time, unplugging, FUN, and beauty. I thought that the trip and experience was amazing, and I would do the same trip over again. I am thankful and appreciate you guys!”

-Kristen Von Tersch

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Chrissie Petrillio

“At first, I was concerned if my current level of yoga would be in line with what would be offered on the retreat, but after looking back I have a renewed sense of enjoyment for my yoga practice and have committed to regularly practice yoga and meditation. My curiosity has been sparked! I loved everyone who attended and enjoyed the mix of practices that were offered.

I came home feeling more grounded and mindful. The hosts were wonderful—it was an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to join another retreat in the future!”

-Chrissie Petrillio

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Stephanie Coats

Although I am not a huge fan of winter weather, the snow couldn’t keep me away from participating in the Winter Wonderland Retreat because I knew it would be fantastic, and it was! I loved connecting with others and myself. I realized just how important it is to have real friends and to experience genuine human connection. My PEMF therapy session during the trip gave was truly healing and gave my body a re-boot! It has increased my awareness and sensitivity to my body in such a positive way. I have also adopted some of the practices that were shared and overall, I have deepened the awareness of what is going on around and within me.

This retreat was an open space where I could be my truest self with so much acceptance and non-judgement. I experienced so much laughter and loved connecting with the amazing souls who were there. The slow flow yoga and extra relaxation is just what I needed! Anyone who is in the midst of transition or a place of growth would greatly benefit from a BZen Wellness retreat!

-Stephanie Coats

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Beth King

“I was nervous about being with people I didn’t know and was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough alone time.  In the end, my favorite part of the retreat was the evening yoga sessions and meeting this whole new group of friends.  We all felt special and welcome from the beginning, you both embodied love.

This was a carefully curated experience. A lot of care and effort was put into making the experience magical for everyone - so fun!!  Slowing down every day was really nice. I liked the incorporation of essential oils and readings and I would definitely recommend you to friends!!  See you next time!”

-Beth King

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Kate Lonstron

“I was hesitant about the initial investment, as I’m not a regular yoga practitioner, but it definitely paid for itself in the end. With a recent knee surgery, I was aware of my limitations, but this retreat offered a safe space to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. I was able to push passed my comfort zone and challenge my body in new and different ways.

The space was open to experience my own journey— truly a judgement-free zone.

Brittany’s love for the practice is infectious. She is so patient and helpful-- everyone felt welcome! I am looking forward to the next retreat, hopefully somewhere warm & sunny!”

-Kate Lonstron

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Heather Jackson

“Initially, I was most concerned about feeling out of place, because this trip was gifted to me by a dear friend and I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I soon realized how amazing and welcoming everyone was. I have come home feeling grounded with a real sense of spiritual well-being and even feel as though I have a new network of people whom I can reach out to anytime! You and Jonah gave heart and a true understanding of well-being and showed that you are real people with real journeys and have overcome so much with the assistance of health and wellness.

I felt comfortable with the team and loved the sense of connection, the peace, the flow and incredible views that the retreat had to offer!”

-Heather Jackson

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