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What is PEMF?

Much like a battery, the human body is electric. Our cells carry voltage. The electric charges necessary to maintain optimum health in our cells can decline from age, injuries and illness. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) helps to restore this healthy electrical balance within the body. 

According to Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, author of Healing is Voltage, in order for our body’s tissues to heal and create new cells, the required cell voltage must be -50mV.  

PEMF Research: In 1995, Siskin and Walker provided a summary of clinical results on soft tissue damage. They observed no adverse from PEMF therapy effects.  The positive effects reported are listed to the right.


Decreased pain

Reduced inflammation

Increased range of motion

Faster functional recovery

Reduced muscle loss after surgery

Increased tensile strength in ligaments

Faster healing of skin wounds

Enhanced capillary formation

Acceleration of nerve regeneration

Decreased tissue necrosis.

Electrons Plus Guided PEMF

With Electrons Plus, the practitioner can use their hands to guide an electromagnetic pulse field (PEMF) into the patient’s body, thereby stimulating the healing process.  The assessment of tissue health using the technology is what makes Electrons Plus so different to other PEMF machines.   The practitioner can feel and see where to treat.  

Muscle reactivity: How the muscles respond to the PEMF.  

Healthy muscles and tissues will twitch when it responds to the PEMF.  Muscles that are un-reactive indicate blockages of Nerve flow,  Energy, Chi, or Prana depending on your school of thought.


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