Energy Work


We are all intuitive... 

In the last 10 years I have discovered my intuitive and empathic abilities. It has really been in the last few years of my life, though, that I have been able to hone in on my intuition and become comfortable with the unseen world. For many years I had a difficult time sleeping and getting proper rest through the night because of disturbances with the celestial. This has driven my passion to learn more. Thankfully within the last 2 years I met a mentor in this field, Elise Ann Moore ( She has passed down her knowledge of reading into my own energy system and following my own emotions and intuition. My “yes.” I have learned to protect my own energy and openness and ground into myself. Learning to ground (which I still continue to work on), is one of the most important things we can do as sensitive individuals. In addition, Elise has shown me that the real work lies in connecting to our emotions and recognizing the feelings in our physical bodies.

My mentorship has grown into reading other people's energy systems (chakras) and helping to balance them with touch, sound, breath and meditation. In order to maintain a healthy functioning body system, our energy must flow. Stagnant energy can produce disease, and this can be healed with connecting and feeling into our bodies and emotions, because our tissues hold on to emotions and can manifest into physical pain/discomfort. A healthy flowing energy system and emotional body can be facilitated in many ways through asana, meditation, breathwork, visualization, physical touch, sound healing, etc. I would be happy to work with you through one on one sessions for energy healing and mentoring and assist you in becoming your own healer!