Intuitive Guidance

Become your own intuitive guide.

Intuitive Guidance

Become your own intuitive guide.

Our bodies speak to us. We just have to get quiet enough to listen and learn our own signs and symbols. During your sessions with Brittany you will learn to ground yourself, so that you can become your own intuitive guide.

We’ve all heard of grounding and the importance of connecting to nature, but how?  

There are many resources outside of ourselves that are advertised, claiming to help us ground. However, the one thing that will help us ground the absolute most is grounding into our bodies. Our body is the one thing we have with us at all times. It is something we have to develop a relationship with, and if we don’t, we are leaving out a major part of us—our entire subconscious resides in the body and contains deep inner wisdom. By connecting with our bodies, we access our inner wisdom.

Sensations are the language (the words of the body) and by paying attention to the sensations allows us to interact with it in a gentle way. Our intuition cannot be measured—it requires a deeper level of receptivity. It cannot operate when the mind is busy with thoughts—a distracted mind can’t be intuitive. Being IN-bodied (embodiment) is how I ground. It’s free and you can take these tools with you anywhere!

Through sacred embodiment guidance with Brit, you will learn and be mentored through:

  • Calming your nervous system and self soothing anxious feelings.


  • Gathering tools to ground and balance your energy system.


  • Connecting to your own inner guidance system through the physical body.


  • Learning your sacred ‘yes’ and ‘no’.


  • Honing your own intuition.


  • Understanding signs and symbols through synchronicity.


  • Leading a life of joy, love and fulfillment.

Honoring our basic needs: food, shelter, water, safety and emotional needs all help us to nourish our root chakra as well as our other chakras.When our root is healthy, the rest of us is able to thrive.

I am so grateful to have found these practices and my mentors who have taught me how to cope as a highly empathic individual. I am proud to say that because of these practices, I sleep through (most) nights, and am able to distinguish between my own body’s sensations and emotions and other people’s. I am a fine-tuned vessel and I continue to refine my skills.

If you are looking for a guide to help you into sacred embodiment and grounding tools, please reach out. I’d love to schedule a call with you!


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