Noël S.

When I first tried PEMF with BZen I had had a frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) for three years. It was extremely painful and I could not raise my arm or circle it beyond about 20%. After two sessions my shoulder released and although I did not have full range and there was still some pain from inflammation I could raise my arm all the way up and move it behind me to fasten my clothing. I read studies stating that PEMF could help frozen shoulder and it certainly has for me. I also had Brittany work on other areas and had good results for those too. 

Brittany is kind, sensitive to what I need, a great communicator. She explained everything really well and discussed different techniques within this modality. I loved working with her. 

-Noël S. 

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Chris S.

Initially I was a little hesitant about the type of treatment—it is electricity after all and I have never experienced anything like it before. I did have some prior knowledge about the electrical connectives of our body system so that helped any hesitancies. 

11 years ago I had a minor meniscus tear removal surgery on my left knee. After the surgery I was given no rehab schedule or physical therapy, I was told I was good to go.  What I didn't realize is that over the next 11 years, I was favoring the left leg and the communication system between everything above the left knee and below the left knee was lost. My left calf was atrophied by one third of the size of my right.Through the course of PEMF treatments that communication has been jump started and things in the lower left leg are waking up.  Firing as they say.  We're talking some valuable systems here, nerves, blood flow, etc. 

This whole process has been very educational for me. The fact that you are a mobile wellness business is awesome and is very efficient. BZen Wellness is sensitive to their clients’ needs and tolerance levels to the modality. Brittany is a great communicator and explains the treatment well before, during, and after and she is very easy to get along with.

-Chris S.

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