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In order to maintain a healthy functioning body system, our energy must flow.


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Painful Failures, Incredible Successes, and Tenacious Team Work with Jonah Boersma

This episode of the Fully Expressed Podcast features Jonah Boersma, a life coach, breathwork facilitator, and co-founder of B-Zen Wellness in Eugene, Oregon. Christina and Jonah discuss the importance of self-discovery, vulnerability, leadership, and creating a life worth living. Through Jonah’s journey of entrepreneurship, they touch on the valuable lessons we learn from our failures and how they can help us grow. Christina & Jonah also emphasize the importance of being vulnerable and open with our emotions, particularly for men who have been conditioned to suppress them. This episode encourages listeners to ask valuable questions and to be a safe space for people (especially men) in our lives. To open up and create a willingness to go deeper. Because vulnerability begets vulnerability.

Healing & Lessons in Listening to Your Body

Join Melissa Blynn, host of Awakening the Feminine podcast, as she interviews Brittany Boersma, founder of BZen Wellness, about her transformative health journey.

From vocal cord nodules to heartburn, Brittany shares how she healed herself by making small changes to her lifestyle, focusing on gut health, and implementing self-care practices like yoga.

Learn how Brittany’s journey led her to start BZen Wellness, a company dedicated to helping leaders transform through coaching, retreats, and energy medicine.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation about the power of coming back to self and awakening the feminine within.

Brittany Boersma: Gifts of Slowing Down, Collective Trauma Healing, Wellness as Privilege

Gifts of Slowing Down, Collective Trauma Healing, Wellness as Privilege

Brittany Boersma is a certified yoga instructor, PEMF practitioner, energy worker, essential oil enthusiast, yoga retreat leader, coach, public speaker and co-founder of BZen Wellness. She has learned though the practice of yoga, therapy and meditation to thrive in even the most difficult times. We all have pain, really. Everyone has a story, and everyone has emotional challenges of some sort. “The issues are in the tissues” her teachers say. Our emotional health manifests in the physical body and raising awareness around this has transformed her life. The breath, movement, meditation, the foods we consume, our choices, all help us to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.

For 7 years she co-owned and operated a Dutch Bros. Coffee franchise in Eugene, OR. She gained a valuable perspective during her tenure with Dutch Bros about the importance of radical self-care in leadership. She believes that as business owners and entrepreneurs, it is vital to take care of ourselves so that we can better support our team and encourage them to do the same.

Creative Life Hackers

Grounding Through Breath

What is breathwork? What is energy medicine? And how do I use those things to help me? This week we get into how to stay grounded, centered, and heal ourselves with the lovely @britboersma 🧘‍♀️ Brit is a woman of many talents who weaves her wisdom of self care through mindfulness, yoga, community, ceremony, and presence into her business @bzenwellness. Her current work as a healer and leader looks like hosting online retreats, energy medicine and beathwork sessions, and meditations on her Instagram. Breath in, breath out, grab your essential oils and join us.

Fit For Service - Sedona Recap

Fit For Service – Sedona Recap

Sam Kabert is a member of Aubrey Marcus’ mastermind (and fellowship) “Fit for Service”. In this episode Sam interviews Brittany, Celeste and Jonah.

He is excited to introduce you to these amazing humans and to tell you about their recent Fit for Service summit.