Using tonal frequencies, bring your body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.


Using tonal frequencies, bring your body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.

Sound journeys utilize an ancient healing technique that use tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony (everything is vibration, especially sound). It’s a practice that uses sound vibrations (crystal sound bowls, drums, gongs, tuning forks and more) to deeply rest your mind and body.

Some benefits of a sound journey may include:

  • Relieves feelings of anxiety.
  • Soothes insomnia.
  • Clears energetic blockages.
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing.
  • Restores the body, mind and spirit.
  • Activates a deeply restful state.
  • Allows time to feel and process emotion.

Receiving a sound journey is a passive experience– you simply relax, lay down, focus on your breath and the soothing sounds flowing through your body. A wonderful sensorial experience!

Each ceremony lasts 1.5 – 2 hours – beginning with intention setting, an hour of sound, and time for integration.

Come bathe in sound!


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Featuring: Dana Wild, Freedom Ciavarello & Brittany Boersma Freedom is an intuitive alchemist, Ceremonialist, creator, dreamweaver and green witch that celebrates everyday as magic. Dana Robinson-Wild is a workshop leader and online course creator. Dana has over 20 years of study in the Mysteries, Healing Modalities, as well as Crystal Healing & Communication. Brittany Boersma is a 500hr Registered Yoga Instructor, sacred embodiment guide, PEMF practitioner, energy worker, breathwork facilitator, DoTerra Wellness Advocate, ceremonialist, retreat leader, public speaker and co-founder of BZen Wellness.